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This all new Organic Energy technology designed to improve the quality of indoor environments for overall health benefit for the body and mind.

Whether chopping onions, own pets or enhancing a restful sleep environment.This little device packs a PUNCH!

Household products, mould, mildew, ventilation, furniture, carpets & dust affect our indoorAIR QUALITY.

  • For stale lingering odours this small device is a must have for home & personal use (USB) for Healthy Organic Air.  

Natural energized elements are dispersed causing a series of oxidation and reduction reactions that essentially breakdown the pollutants in the air.

Beneficial uses:

  • Indoor Fresh Environment /Odour control
  • Prevention of Allergies /headaches
  • Improved / Sleep / insomnia / snoring
  • Mental Focus / Concentration
  • Countless Health Benefits
  • Reduces airborne & surface Bacteria, Germs, Moulds & Viruses

The AirRestore Air Naturalizer uses plasma ionic technology, which knocks microscopic materials out of the air, and hydroxyls, which break down the chemicals that make up pet odors and other smells. In doing so, it recreates natural air balances.


The compact air naturalizer unit is filter-free and very powerful. It can clean the air in an 800-square-foot area. It also is energy saving, using only about 3 watts of energy.

For use in the car when travelling the handy USB plugs into a USB plug or into a portable battery which lasted for 4-5hrs ( You can purchase a powerful one 20,000mAh or 50,000mAh up on amazon or ebay ) & felt completely energized after a 9hr flight & a long car journey.


Measurements: Height 11cm - Width 4.5cm - 5.5 cm (top)


Having used this device personally I was very impressed! My cat suffers from asthma and has benefited enormously  she hardly ever wheezes now and hasn't needed her steroid injection, she now can sleep without a rattling chest!!. Bonus my husband has stopped snoring! 


(Leave for 24Hrs in one area of the house, on a medium dial setting  then regulate as preferred.)




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